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Portfolio UFC Legend Rich Franklin recommending Ron Dayley as a MMA and BJJ coach. The SSF Express Flow counter to double under hook pass in BJJ or MMA. Rolling Knee Bar by Ron Dayley of The World Famous SSF Submission Academy Clarksville TN Ron teaches an easy Triangle set up at a seminar in Korea Ron Dayley teaches a no hand leg lock at a seminar in Korea Ron teaches an Ankle Lock against someone in Turtle Ron Teaches part of the Eric Paulson flow at a seminar Ron teaches a Modified Kimura Ron Dayley teaches his Exorcist submission at a seminar. Ron teaches the Windshield Wiper Ankle Lock from Guard at a Seminar in Asia Standing Rolling Knee Bar when someone gets your back Leg Attacks from Half Guard at SSF Submission Academy in Clarksville TN

SSF Steam Roller
Ron Dayley teaches the SSF Steam Roller submission

Ron showing a ground and pound set up

Ron Dayley teaching a seminar in Nashville TN

Ron Dayley teaching a seminar to Soldiers in KY

Ron Dayley teaching a seminar Ron teaches the SSF Shuffle submission flow for BJJ and MMA in Clarksville TN

Ron Dayley with UFA and MMA legend Ken Shamrock

Ron Dayley with BJJ Legend Pedro Sauer

Ron rolling with a student at a seminar

Ron Dayley and BJJ World Champion and Legend Saulo Ribeiro

Ron Dayley and UFC Champion Jerry Bolander training at the Lion’s Den in Lodi CA.

Renzo Gracie, Ron Dayley and Rich Franklin when they were guest of the OneFC Summit in Singapore

Ralph Gracie and Ron Dayley in 1994

Ron walking on the stage during a weigh-in at a UFC

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