BJJ and MMA Articles

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Here are some BJJ and MMA articles that Ron Dayley has written that covers what it’s like to be a trainer for MMA and BJJ fighters / students. Ron wrote these articles while he was running MMA and BJJ Academy in Clarksville TN.

To Elbow or not to elbow, to Heel Hook or not to heel hook

Things I’ve seen over the years in MMA and BJJ

Shut up and get on the F-ing mat.

Things that go on at the gym – MMA and BJJ edition

That’s not how my old teacher taught me

Ron Rolling at SSF with Chris

Coach’s blog – Hot Dogs and Onions. Wash your BJJ and MMA gear and yourself!

Worst training injuries in MMA and BJJ

How to train in Grappling ( BJJ, MMA, Catch, Sambo…)

When is a MMA fighter ready to turn Pro?

When is a MMA fighter ready to turn Pro, part 2

Promotion ethics in regional MMA

I have been teaching MMA and BJJ for a very long time in Clarksville TN. I have owned gyms in several states and overseas where we have produced champions. I now only teach MMA and BJJ Seminars and some personal MMA and BJJ lessons.